The Albany Center for Collaborative Computational Neuroscience

Our developing Center plans to combine a wide range of areas of expertise to create

  • innovative nanotechnology capable of measuring large populations of neurons and their interconnections.
  • new computational methods based on modern bayesian inference and information theory.

In combination, these cutting-edge tools will enable neuroscientific researchers to more effectively address the complex, dynamic functioning of neural systems in interaction with their environments. The group has access to an exceptional combination of resources, with the College of Nano Sciences and Engineering at the University at Albany, the only college in the world devoted exclusively to nanoscale science, and the Center for Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience of the Albany Medical College, where the new nano and computational tools will be tested. These tools will be applied to two specific research domains:

  • To neuro-immune-endocrinological research investigating the physiological responses of
    the brain during systemic inflammation, and
  • To study the effects of social attachment on the neuronal development of
    self-regulatory processes.

Theoretically, we expect to find emergent properties that reorganize the way we conceptualize how organisms learn, feel, and interact with their physical and social environments.

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